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Who’s Mitsumori Panda?

Hello! I am Mitsumori Panda, the public relations manager of Ryokan Kisen.

Welcome to Ryokan Kisen.
We are a hot spring resort boasting a Japanese garden.
To relax and soak in the hot springs to relieve daily fatigue, and to create a pleasant memory of the trip.
We are committed to providing hospitality to become a place that makes you want to come back again.

Public Relations Manager, Mitsumori Panda

*The "㐂" in "㐂仙" is a cursive style of "喜".

Profile of Mitsumori Panda

March 16 (same as hotel's opening anniversary)
Blood Type
Generous and detail-oriented, Type O
Secret (am of age)
Body Weight
111kg (particular about the numbers in a row)

It's a well-known story among the staff that Okami said to me, "Maybe you should lose some weight.”, and I exclaimed, "Do you have any idea how much this body costs?”.

Special Skills
Kendama, Table Tennis
Favorite food
Innards Stew, Boiled Shellfish, Horse Sashimi

◎Can be ordered as a side dish. How about one with dinner?

Looking forward to seeing you!

This is how Mitsumori Panda was born!

Do you know?! Mitsumori Kanji skilled at estimating and organizing

In the past, the virtual guard Mitsumori Kanji was used on our website, and guests would visit us and ask, "Is Mr. Mitsumori, the guard, here?".
We wanted to have a character that guests could actually come and meet and adore, so we created the Mitsumori Panda in honor of our virtual guard, Mitsumori Kanji.

Mitsumori Panda presents!

Ryokan Kisen’s Hospitality

Hospitality 01

Clean carefully

Footbath Garden Cleaning
Entrance Sweeping
Shop Cleaning

We clean with all our hearts every day for the comfort of our guests.

Hospitality 02

Ryokan Kisen’s proud Japanese garden

Plant Care
Carp Feeding
Spiderweb Removal
Window Cleaning

We take care of the vast Japanese garden frequently to maintain its landscape.
Enjoy a walk through the garden with its magnificent garden stones and seasonal flowers/trees.

Hospitality 03

Normal work performed briskly

Feel free to contact our staff for reservations, inquiries about accommodations/sightseeing.

  • Hospitality with a little care

    Handmade toothpick holder♪

  • And don't forget snack time!

    Break time with Ms. Mayumi Kumano


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Local recommendations are also introduced.

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